Monday, November 20, 2017

Thankful! Grateful! Blessed!

As we approach my favorite time of the year, *cough Thanksgiving cough* I have to express what I am most thankful here at South. While there are many things to be grateful here at the University of South Alabama, I have to say that I am truly thankful for the professors and staff who do everything possible to make sure we succeed here at the University.

One thing that set our professors aside from many other professors is their willingness to step outside of the time to make sure you succeed. I have had numerous professors meet me outside office hours because the time conflicted with other things going on but to them my education meant something and for that I am forever grateful.

I am grateful for South to continue to bring research opportunities to us. Being an engineer, I receive countless emails regarding co-ops and internships. It is honestly so many to choose from that I match with that its honestly hard to choose one. I am not sure what other schools present that opportunity to their students but the endless amount of help we get is something that is rarely duplicated.

One last thing is how much support we receive to help us find jobs in our career fields post graduation. A lot of schools lack the post graduation help with their students. They graduate with degrees and have no use for them but South puts on ton of workshops that helps you build your resume and presents job openings to you to help you secure the bag once you graduate. I don't know about you all but I would love to have a job just waiting on me as soon as I graduate.

When it is all said and done I thank South for helping to mold the young lady I am slowly but surely becoming. It is ALWAYS a great day to be a Jag!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Cause We Are Sisters....We Stand Together!

At the University of South Alabama I am apart of many organizations and while I can be bias and say they are all my favorite, I would have to say honestly my favorite is WOX (Women Of Excellence). I was inducted in this wonderful organization Spring'17 and I can honestly say I am forever thankful. This is an organization whose purpose is to solely create a sisterhood among women on the collegiate level. We help push each other to be a better person than they were the day before. When you feel as if you are alone you have a group of sisters who are waiting for you to ask for help. For these reasons alone, I truly admire WOX. We do more than just push each other. We give back to our community by offering our service at nearby corporations in Mobile. A couple of community service projects includes, volunteering at Feeding the Gulf Coast, The Boys and Girls club, creating care packages for terminally ill children at USA's Women and Children hospital, and the list goes on and on. Joining this organizations has allowed me to make friends with young ladies whom I probably would not have ever took time out to meet. I cannot wait to see how WOX grows as a whole and how the young women inside the organization grows as well.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

College and Chill'

I know by my title you all are probably thinking what is she talking about? I can tell you all now that college is not all about work, work, work. You have plenty, and I do mean plenty, of free time while you are in school. The problem is most students do not know how to use that free time. In this blog I am going to tell you how I spend my time as a college student outside of the classroom.

If I am not in class I am either at work, or at some type of event or meeting with my organizations. GET INVOLVED MY BABY JAGS! When you come to college, rather that be here at South or another university, I say at least join one organization your freshman year. Of course you can join more, but I say one because you want to get the feel of college before you just join everything and realize you bit off more than you could chew. Once you get a hang of stuff and realize you want to be apart of more than go ahead and join! Just to mention some organizations I am apart of is SWE (Society of Women Engineers), WOX (Women of Excellence) Community Service Co-Chair, NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers), ABK Honor Society, and many many more.

Now if I am not at work, or with my organizations I am simply chilling going to some of the events JagProductions have going on that week or with my friends playing cards, going out to eat and living a normal life or just being by myself in my apartment relaxing and a big one SLEEPING! It is okay to get a little extra hours to sleep in your free time because it is possible some days you will be working off 3-4 hours and trying to figure out how you are still functioning at the moment. Yes college is stressful! Yes there are a million and one other things I could be doing than just chilling, but if you literally work work work, it is very much so possible that you can drive yourself insane! It is okay to just relax and take some time to yourself to debrief and just be a teenager/young adult. As long as you are okay and content than I 100% agree for you to take some time out to yourself.

That is all I have for you this week baby jags! Hope you enjoyed my blog :)

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Are the Perks Worth It?

Perks of being a Jaguar are the best perks possible out there. Out of all the perks the Jaguars benefit from, I would have to say my top 2 are benefits of the nail salon and the benefits of free traveling to nearby games.

My all time favorite benefit of going to South is the fact you get a discount at the nearby nail salons. If you go to Princess Nails or Pamper Nail Spa you receive a 10% off all the services that are done to you. The deal is only for Monday's-Wednesday's but with a deal like that you will find time to go on the weekday. You know how some places have like a limit...the limit does not exist with this discount. It can be for the waxing services, nails, feet, eyebrows. Literally any service they offer you get that discount. So if you come to South go to those shops and get beautified girl...or judgment here!

My next favorite benefit is the fact that South offers free traveling to nearby games. Not only do they provide transportation, but they also offer a meal, shirt and free entry into the games. They always take students to Troy, and any other game nearby no matter what the sport is. If you cannot make it there on your own, South lets us go with them to show that Jag-spirit!!! GO JAGS!!!

There are many other perks of being a Jag but these are my top two! :)

Thursday, October 19, 2017

A Jag-Tastic Homecoming Week!

Hey Baby Jags!

This week is South Alabama's Homecoming week and aside from my calculus test this week has been fulfilled with so many fun activities! Homecoming in high school doesn't even compare to the fun you have while in college! I missed Junk the Jungle which is my absolute FAVORITE thing to do! It is where South purchase a lot of toilet tissue and we TP our traffic circle. Yes, you read that right...we literally TP our own campus! The picture below is to help you get an image of what I am saying. (That's me poking my head in the back! LOL SO MUCH FUN!)

Aside from that we also have DJ's come to our event, "Battle of the DJ's" to battle to win $350 and to earn the title "Hottest DJ in the South!" This year we had 4 DJ'S. DJ Ole-Yella, DJ Ziggy, DJ Papa-Rooster, who by the way won, and DJ Lil Cool. This event is so much fun! The DJ'S go 4 different rounds with different themes and its nice to just go and chill and vibe to different mixes. Another event is our Fun-Fill carnival event where there is food and blow up houses we can play in. You are never to old to get in a blow up house. There are also rides, a photo booth with fun crops and this year we even had flavored oxygen! There are candy tables and artist who draw you and plenty more. I thought this event was super dope! Our weekend events consist of a Greek Show featuring our NPHC organizations and of course football where they crown Homecoming Court. There are tons and tons of things you can do for fun and it is something I definitely look forward to celebrating every year :)

Monday, October 16, 2017

A Trip Well Needed!

So as we all know, well for most of us, Hurricane Nate was coming Mobile, AL way the ending of the week before last. Being from Chicago, we do not do well when we hear anything about a tornado or hurricane. I believe my mom literally watched Nate grow from a tropical storm to a hurricane and as it continued to expand and become more dangerous, my mom made me come home early Saturday morning.

Originally I was supposed to spend the break going to the Troy vs. South game with friends and going to Florida to grub at Joe's Crab Shack and shop at the outlets but that planned quickly changed and I was on the road headed back to Chicago. I was kind of down at first that my fall break did not go as planned, but I was super pumped to be able to go home. This was the first time since I have been at South that I went home during the semester before Christmas break. My family is very close-knit so it meant the world to be able to see them and especially to surprise my younger siblings. My mom didn't tell them I was coming home so their reactions were all I could think about the drive back home. At home I just slept and spent well needed down time with my family! Definitely worth the 12 hour trip :)

Monday, October 2, 2017

BIology VS. Enviroment

Hello Class of 2022!

I hope your Senior year is starting off to be everything you imagine it would be! Continue to apply for scholarships and colleges and to go visit! You want to get a feel of campus so take that trip and visit that school!

As of right now, I would have to say my favorite course so far would have to be my Personality course. If you are planning to major in  Psychology I 100% recommend taking this course. If you do take it, I highly recommend taking it with Dr. Murry Mutchnick. He is an AMAZING professor who you can relate with on so many levels.  As of right now, we just completed watching this movie titled, "A Monster Calls" and basically the overall lesson we were to get from the movie was how can someone disassociate themselves from reality and believe it to be real. The outline of this course is to see how exactly do our personalities come it from our environment or is it from our genetic makeup? I find that very interesting because your personality can be from both. Personally, I am very outgoing and outspoken but my mom isn't nor is my father and in my environment  I am around very mellow people. So in my case it questions where exactly do my personality come from. Its still really early in the semester but I cannot wait to see what comes about.